amelia mary :: 5 (and a half) months

I’m late again getting her monthly post up. Sorry Amelia, this may be a reoccuring theme for the rest of your first year. Don’t hold it against me.

I didn’t even take one of my “official” monthly photos this time. So I’m writing this blog update with iPhotos from my phone. Best mom of four ever she’ll say someday. Maybe. Hopefully.

I try to rock her to sleep most afternoons for her nap. And just when I think she’s asleep and I move to get up from the rocker she pops her head up and gives me a big ol’ grin as if to say “just kidding”. Every. single. time.       Lucas is all get out of my swing Millie. And she’s all too bad mom put me in here and I love it.     And all the signs of moving on from the newborn stage are here: Sitting up  Feeding herself  Attempting spoon feeding  wrestling with siblings       And parents    And a budding personality providing lots of entertainment      But the life of a five month old is exhausting especially when they don’t nap. So she catches a snooze whenever and where ever she can.  Millie, you are cruising along, holding your own in this family and growing so fast. It’s so fun.

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father’s day :: 2015

Happy Father’s Day to the guy who smiled politely when we were dating and I told him I wanted four kids some day and didn’t hit the ground running instead. Happy Father’s Day to the guy who finds a way to make almost all of my crazy ideas come to life. 


Happy Father’s Day to this guy. The guy who happily does everything and anything for his four kids. The most patient person I know. 


I think they know already how lucky they are as he is usually always the preferred parent. Happy Father’s Day, Mitchell. We are the luckiest!


Our quick “wait we haven’t taken a Father’s Day picture” picture after baths and before bed. Meaning jammies, blankies, and wet hair in picture. We got it done. #reallife


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amelia mary :: 4 months

DSC_0074 DSC_0121 DSC_0138My sweet, sensitive, shy little one. (well, she’s not very little but you know what I mean)

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last day of school 2015 :: exit interview

first day of school

first day of school

last day of school

last day of school

  • This is how I write my name:


  • I loved learning about: watching our tadpoles grow
  • My favorite part of school was: playing outside
  • My best friends are: Chase, Ryan and Jack
  • My favorite book is: “The Ocean Is”
  • My favorite colors are: Red, Orange and Black
  • When I grow up I want to be: Batman
  • This summer I want to: go swimming and on boat rides

first day of school

first day of school

last day of school

last day of school

  • This is how I write my name


  • This year I loved learning about: …nothing…
  • My favorite part of school was: playing outside
  • My best friends are: Sam and Hailey and Delainy and Lucy and Alyse and Cora and and and (I couldn’t keep up)
  • My favorite book is: “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”
  • My favorite colors are: Purple and pink and blue and orange and green and yellow
  • When I grow up I want to be: Elsa
  • This summer I want to: Swim in a rainbow pool

Annual last day of school celebratory ice cream treat at Linnie’s!  

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august john :: pre-k graduation

DSC_0080Three years of preschool have come and gone and this guy is ready for kindergarten. When? How? What? Stop it!


The future class of 2028 is headed to the big school. This mama is so not ready. But I guess I don’t get a say.

DSC_0077His teacher, Mrs. Stotts, tells me this boy has bloomed the most out of all her students. She may tell everyone that. But this guy started the school year not saying a word or only whispering when he had to answer a question. He wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone and tended to be the kid who stood off to the side while everyone else played. He ended the school year with so many friends, a talkative little guy who loves to talk about sports and science and superheros, and one who would die if he had to miss a day of school. He’s lucky he had such an awesome teacher who focused on building his self esteem every day. From day one she promised me she’d work on that. How awesome is that? I love good teachers!


August thought she was awesome too.

DSC_0091Chase is August’s most very best friend that he met in his class this year. And Chase is a foot taller than August. Ha. They do everything together. Like really. Everything.


Buddy, we are so proud of you. I may joke that I don’t want you to be in kindergarten. But I’m kind of sort of just kidding. I have too many kids at home. You have to go. And I am SO darn excited for you. You are going to love it. But I honestly will miss you being at home with us.

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greta ann :: 4 years old

How did we go from here


To here


In four short years. I mean really, you look so mature to me today.

I say this almost every year with every kid on every birthday. But it’s so true. So I’ll keep saying it every year with every kid on every birthday. I know I’m most likely the only parent who ever thought of this idea of kids growing up too fast and I’m super original here. But really I can’t believe my baby girl is bigger, older and that we’ve been responsible enough parents to get you to the next year. The parenting part being the most shocking part of this whole thing.


This third year was one of fun, drama and adventure with this girl. Most likely to never slow down or change in those respects. If anyone was meant for the big sister role it was Greta. You love up Lucas and Amelia all day every day. Even though Lucas may not be open to receiving your love all day every day. But since you are persistent and determined and you never. back. down. even when he desperately wants you to. But he does admire you and watch your every move and loves to dance to your school song that you sing to us multiple times a day.

Amelia doesn’t seem to mind all the love … yet.


You are always 100% a people person. Almost never shy. Quick to tell anyone every detail of your short life or every detail of your outfit for the day. You love school, your friends, jewelry and dance. Recently you told me you want to switch from ballet classes to hip hop dance classes. Why does this not surprise me?


Some things never change in that you are still independent, persistent and a lover of all things fashion. Is four years old too young to wear make-up? Because she is. In other words you are a stubborn fiesty little one. You and I have worked (like really really worked) together to learn how to do this mother/daughter thing. And it’s gone from OMG how are we going to make it through our day together to this is really fun. And I am truly so very very grateful for that.

This year’s birthday date request was to ride a unicorn. Ummmm, I’m not sure I’m gonna come up with or find that unicorn.  Will a ride on a pony work?


Thankfully yes! And the brothers thought it was a pretty cool idea too.

DSC_0013 DSC_0023

Happy fourth birthday peanut! We totally luva luva luv you! (the word totally has recently entered Greta’s vocabulary and is used in most of her sentences at the moment)


Greta’s fourth birthday drawing of herself


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lucas mitchell :: 18 months

Just because I was feeling like this dude needed a blog update and I realized that today he is exactly 18 months old. So brace yourself for the excitement coming your way.


He is a first class, capital S, stinker! He is his older sister in a little boy body. Which you can imagine what kind of combination that is. Determined, persistent, talkative, active, loud, friendly. You get the idea. He may be only one and a half years old but he thinks he’s more like sixteen.


But I mean, really. I can’t even. I could eat this boy up. Those giant blue eyes and the longest eye lashes you’ve ever seen.


And most of the time when he’s being a stinker (except when he’s been awake for two hours and it’s 3am) we’re trying not to laugh. He thinks he, well he actually does, rule this house. And what he says, or attempts to say, is what is going to happen. Unless you’re geared up for a major wrestling match to get him to do things your way. He is a little tornado leaving a disaster in his wake where ever we go. It is getting difficult to actually take this dude out in public. Seriously. And I’m starting to re-think those two white sofas I purchased in my more naive days.


He gets so frustrated with Millie that she’s not more interesting. He wants to play with her or push her around or wrestle or whatever. Which should make this parenting of four kids close in age even easier when Millie starts moving around. Or not. No. Not even close.

IMG_3609He is a boy who loves his trucks, cars, buses, anything with wheels. Maybe even more so than his big brother did at this age. He always carefully lines them up in a row. All day, everyday. It’s a very detailed process his little brain has.


There are so many similar personality characteristics between Greta and this boy. And one of those is he loves to swing. He just wants to be in the swing all day long. And because he’s a big boy now no baby swing will do. He’s gotta do the real thing.


Here’s some swinging love footage for your viewing pleasure.

Awe, little Woocas. How boring would our little suburban life be with out you to provide our chaos entertainment.


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amelia mary :: 3 months old

DSC_0017We have officially made it through the so called “fourth trimester” and life is good. She continues to sleep like a rock star. She is sweet and smiley to everyone who looks at her. And babbles constantly. I don’t remember my other babies being big babblers. Maybe they were, but I have no memory of it so I better write this down. If this is any indication that she will be as talkative as her big sister then I better brace myself that this house will get even louder. Sorry neighbors, I’ll try to keep my windows shut.

Usually I would claim that time has flown by and I can’t believe she’s three months old. But really those first few months were so hard and went by so slow and I lived life feeling like a zombie. I’m feeling a little relieved we’ve made it through and am going to live up this stage so much more.

DSC_0066You are so so sweet, Millie. And you look exactly like all of your siblings at this age.

Happy three months!

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mother’s day :: 2015

It’s the one day a year I make an effort to be on the other side of the camera with my kids

DSC_0025It took us 35 minutes to get us put together enough to sit on the front steps for 30 seconds of sitting still enough for one picture. And then it started raining. But we got one! With four kids I called good enough.

It is because of these four (I can’t believe there are four) I get to call myself a mom. For all the c-ray-zee they give us I feel pretty lucky. Think how bored I would be (or how much more sleep I would get) with out them. I love them all too much.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the other ladies who help me be a mother. Grandmas, aunts, cousins, friends, teachers. No one can do this alone and I appreciate ALL the help and love my kids receive from you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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amelia mary :: two (and half) months old


So…I’m a little late with this one. It is nearly impossible for me to sit down at a computer, download pictures and then try to write something about them. But I can’t give up my monthly blog posts with #4. She’d never forgive me.


Amelia at two months old is SO different than Amelia at one month old. She has mellowed out, is sleeping more and is so so sweet. She has become a mostly content little girl making this parenting of four a lot easier. And, oddly enough, she has become one of the better sleepers in this house. She started sleeping through the night around eight weeks. This morning she slept until 7:00 am. Lucas – not sleeping through the night. Greta – not sleeping through the night and last night slept in our bed. August – he can sleep through anything and rarely have a problem with him sleeping. I’m hoping Amelia continues to follow in his footsteps.


She is becoming another chunky little Becker baby and we love it. She still has her red hair. And is currently a family favorite around here. No one can seem to get enough.





It’s been a sleepless roller coaster first eight weeks. But I think we might actually make this family of six thing work.

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