amelia mary :: 11 months

11 months old. The age at which it is impossible to take a photo of a child. Out of the 80 my camera told me I took these are the two that turned out. Thank goodness for digital photos!


She is constantly on the go. I never know where in the house she is. At least when I call for her she always answers me.

She has taken her first steps and is up to about 5 steps before the face plant. So not quite full on walking. But wanting to be.


She has the wild one year old hair that is long in some spots and short in others. She has four big teeth. And is currently above the 90% for all stats.

Millie, I can’t believe you will be one in less than four weeks! You are the perfect baby to our family and I love that at least one of my four is a mama’s girl. You are on my hip or hanging on my knees about 90% of the day. Happy eleven months!! xoxo

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christmas :: 2015

“I can tell you what Christmas is all about…”


“And there were shepherds in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. The angel came and said, ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you tidings of great joy, which will be to all people.


For unto you is born this day a savior, which is Christ the Lord. Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger.’ And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God and saying,


‘Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth peace, goodwill toward men.’

That’s what Christmas is all about…”

-Linus,  A Charlie Brown Christmas

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Peace on Earth.


The Becker’s


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santa claus :: december 2015

Wasn’t sure we were going to get there this year. But we pulled it off. With no tears and all. Although Lucas looks like he might tackle the next person who tells him to smile one more time.


It isn’t Christmas without a visit Downtown.

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amelia mary :: 10 months

She keeps getting older.


Every month I feel surprised by this fact. That we’ve actually moved on to another phase.


We’ve been raising a child under one for so long it is starting to hit me that we’re almost over this baby thing.


It’s exciting and sad at the same time.


Exciting that we’re getting more sleep. Exciting that it is easier to leave our house as a family to do things in public and visit with people more often. Exciting that her bubbly, friendly personality is blooming. But sad that the baby snuggles are ending. She hates to be rocked anymore. She prefers chasing her siblings around over interacting with us.  And we have entered the phase of everything is torn out of cupboards and shelves and toys are scattered all. over. the. house. And she is about to walk any minute now meaning we have our last few days of a baby crawling around the floor. Bittersweet.

Happy ten months Millie! You are growing and changing so fast I can hardly stand it. xoxo






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thanksgiving weekend :: 2015

I have far too many reasons to be grateful this year. And I won’t bore you with listing them all down. But one reason to be grateful was our holiday kick-off weekend.

We hosted Thanksgiving. As I was too worried about how messy my house was and making sure all four kids were actually wearing pants for the party that I didn’t get it together enough to take any pictures of a fun relaxed holiday dinner. Well…I did snap this sweet photo of my mom with a few Grandkids


We quickly began the transition into Christmas the following day and took an adventure to cut down our Christmas tree and set up two trees


A hayride at the tree farm out and back to the field to cut your tree IMG_5300

Trees look much smaller in the forest. This tree was huge in the house. A little trimming and it was a perfect fit.IMG_5317

The kids have a fake tree in the family room with all of their special ornaments. Some they make and some they pick out each year. IMG_5309

The next day we took one more adventure to the Landscape Arboretum to see the gingerbread house display, giant poinsettia tree and a quick walk around the park

Dreaming of Christmas garland this beautiful on the front of my house someday


Just one of many adorable gingerbread houses


The tree was too tall to capture. It was beautiful. Greta felt the Christmas spirit moving her that day…DSC_0013

Warm enough winter day for a stroll around the park for these little ones. Our main agenda for this outing was to burn toddler energy and wear. them. out.



Dreaming of having winter pots as gorgeous as these in my front yard someday


Like I said too many blessings to count. But number one on my list is the five people I am lucky enough to spend every day with.

Wishing you the happiest of Holiday seasons. Now off to address my Christmas cards…



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lucas mitchell :: 2 years old



My lovable, funny, feisty, extroverted, wild child is two.




We celebrated this guy on Sunday. His birthday wish was to ride a train so we hopped on the green line in Saint Paul.


Took it all the way to the end of the line which ended at the Saint Paul Depot.



Then rode it back. Pretty sure he loved it.

Then we stopped for lunch at one of our Saint Paul favorites, Snuffy’s.


Of course we celebrated with gifts and cake that night.


Mitch made up his killer Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes for a birthday treat.


So so good. They’ve become our special birthday treat around here because everyone always requests them. Seriously, you should ask Mitch to make them for you. You’ll always be requesting them too.


I’ll leave you with some proof with the following pictures that the boy is actually two.


Is it weird that these are my favorite. Would it be weird to frame his two year old picture with one of these pouty ones?

Lucas, you are one special dude. I sometimes feel bad that for your first year of life I was pregnant. For your second year of life we had a newborn. There wasn’t a lot of Lucas time. But you’ve become our (mostly) easy going, I’ll take care of myself, entertain myself, and be friends with every body I see kind of kid. You hold no judgement against Amelia for intruding on your life so soon. She’s your best friend. So so many reason to love you. And that is only one of them.

Happy 2nd birthday buddy! xoxo

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amelia mary :: nine months old


This girl is NINE months old! Actually everyone who sees her is like whoa, she’s only nine months? She is bigger than most one year olds. And possibly some two year olds.


Like all my other children she does not lack in personality. She is sweet, funny, loves to sing and is not afraid to keep her volume up to out do everyone else in this house. Hey, a girl’s gotta be heard, right?


And like her older sister the sass and attitude is already developing. I think this is something girls are just born with. Or maybe my girls get it from their mama. Maybe…

DSC_0016 DSC_0022 DSC_0034

Apparently that red hair isn’t going anywhere yet.


I kinda was foolishly hoping that as she got older life with four would get easier. And as in all things parenting, it doesn’t get easier – it just gets different. But time is flying by and this girl is nine months old and ready to take on the world, or maybe just walking and teething.

Happy nine months, Millie xoxo

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Halloween :: 2015

A perfect Halloween night in Delano.


With a jaguar, 2 pumpkins, and Joe Mauer.




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amelia mary :: 8 months old


There is so much to report on this one this month. She’s reached some big milestones.


Shortly after she reached 7 months this one started cruising all over the place.

  • she’s crawling
  • she’s pulling herself up to standing
  • she’s crawling up the stairs
  • she’s walking by pushing the walker

All these things almost a full two months earlier than all the other kids. This girl is going to be walking in a few short weeks. I’m not sure if I’m extremely terrified or extremely excited about this prospect.

She is still my sweet shy baby. She is slow to warm up to new faces. Her eyes are always on me in new or unusual places. She is still a snuggler and would prefer to sleep in your lap in the rocking chair all. night. long. But I’m starting to recognize that this phase is going to go  fast and that there isn’t going to be another phase with a new baby after this one. It’s a bittersweet feeling.

And because my sweet neighbor took some family photos of us today I thought I’d throw these in here because I love them and its fun to see Millie hanging out with her big brothers and sisters.


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august john :: six years old

Happy birthday to my six year old.


Who went to a Twin’s game with his dad in his new Mauer jersey last night.

Now he can rotate between wearing his three Twin’s shirts a bit more easily each week


And it was Twin’s winter cap give away last night too. Lucky guys.



And had a birthday party with four of his best buds. A baseball party. Of course.

DSC_0011 DSC_0031

I think turning six was a pretty good gig. He kept shouting “this is the best day ever!” So I think all his birthday dreams came true.

His Twin’s fan training has been a long time in the making.


Happy Happy 6th Birthday, August John.


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