august john :: six years old

Happy birthday to my six year old.


Who went to a Twin’s game with his dad in his new Mauer jersey last night.

Now he can rotate between wearing his three Twin’s shirts a bit more easily each week


And it was Twin’s winter cap give away last night too. Lucky guys.



And had a birthday party with four of his best buds. A baseball party. Of course.

DSC_0011 DSC_0031

I think turning six was a pretty good gig. He kept shouting “this is the best day ever!” So I think all his birthday dreams came true.

His Twin’s fan training has been a long time in the making.


Happy Happy 6th Birthday, August John.


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duluth vacation :: august :: 2015

I had insisted that this summer I was not going to go anywhere because life with four had me feeling a little bit like drowning for a while. We were going to stay home and figure this out and basically work on survival.


But as summer was coming to an end I was starting to feel a little bad that we hadn’t really left our house since before February. Is it possible to get cabin fever in August? So we planned a quick impromptu one night trip to Duluth. Because were else do you go when you need a quick unplanned get away from the cities? Duluth.

Really all it was was an afternoon at Canal Park.

DSC_0073 DSC_0080 DSC_0098 DSC_0103

A quick walk through the really expensive Aquarium.

DSC_0112 DSC_0121 DSC_0128

And a night swimming in the hotel pool. Which is all the kids wanted to do anyway. Mitch suggested next time I have cabin fever we could just go to the Delano Hotel and spend a night there.

And then I wanted to take the kids to Eveleth where “Mine View in the Sky” is located. This is the last summer it will be open for tourists. I’ve driven by it 1,000 times on the way to Ely and have never stopped with the kids.

DSC_0138DSC_0156 DSC_0143 DSC_0149 DSC_0164 DSC_0167 DSC_0176 DSC_0181 DSC_0183 DSC_0187

So that was really the goal of this entire trip. Get to Eveleth and see some giant Mining Diggers. Check. Got it done.

And now that we left our house overnight with all four kids we remembered why we didn’t want to leave in the first place. Amelia and Lucas did not sleep AT ALL in the hotel. To say it was a long drive home would be an understatement.

Maybe we’ll try again next summer.

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a becker summer :: 2015 :: part two

In absolutely no particular order.

Family bike rides through Lake Rebecca State Park. Beautiful park, lots of trails, right outside Delano. I recommend it.




The kids joined  me on their bikes for my Saturday morning walk. They made it all 4.5 miles. Greta likes to pretend her bike is a horse named Scarlet. Scarlet needed to stop and “snack” on grass. Often. The 4.5 miles did not go very fast. This was at the half way mark.


Greta loves to love up the baby. And that baby is almost the same size as her. I make big babies that grow into small toddlers.

IMG_4489 IMG_4271

We had two soccer players this summer. Managing players on two different soccer fields was a new adventure for the parents. We were a bit relieved when soccer season was over for the summer. But these two absolutely loved it. Making all the effort worth it. IMG_4258

We don’t actually buy the professional photo packages for their sports at this age. We just stand behind the photographer and take our own. Completely annoying them I’m sure.



IMG_4151The Taste of Delano! My favorite summer outing of the summer. $5 all you can eat from all different local Delano restaurants and vendors. Plus some face painting, tattoos and bounce houses for the kids. 

At a Raptor show at the library. Gus, my wild animal lover, was in awe the entire time. I’m not even kidding when I tell you this is his favorite bird – the Peregrine Falcon (fastest animal on the planet – your fun fact for the day). IMG_4207Dad’s summer vegetable gardenIMG_3578


After years of being swimming lesson drop outs I finally wised up and signed up for private swim lessons for both of them together. Because they love boating, tubing and the beach I said they had to finish swimming lessons this summer. They did it and they loved it and now I have two swimmers who can’t wait for their next swimming lessons.

Some one came in my room and woke me up way to early on this morning.

IMG_4175 IMG_4176

Greta is obsessed with painting her nails. They must be painted all different colors every time. My creative wild child. I love it. Kind of wish I could get away with painting my nails like this.

IMG_4081 IMG_4077The family that planks together stays together. Or something like that. IMG_4070

Huddled in the basement storage room with the tornado sirens blaring outside at midnight. My adrenaline has never been more charged as we ran up and down the stairs hauling four sleeping babies while the weather man on tv is telling us there is a tornado touch down just up the road from us. Tornados = my biggest fear in life, right after mice. IMG_4063The next few are just because. It’s Lucas.

IMG_4057 IMG_4054 IMG_4014

Our Fourth of July cake that took three days to make. The middle layer is cheesecake. They wanted the top to be a flag made out of these candies. But they ran out of candies really fast. Gus now tells me that this is what he wants for his birthday cake. Not sure that’s going to happen. This might have been a one time deal. IMG_3991 IMG_3986 IMG_3984 IMG_3980

Some fourth of July celebration on family boats. Greta’s one who knows how to dress for the occasion (thanks to Aunt Kalie for the flare).


Waiting for a boat to pick us up.


Ended the day with sparklers

DSC_0136 DSC_0108 DSC_0087

And a little fun at the Delano 4th of July Carnival. Supposedly the largest 4th of July celebration in the state.

DSC_0072 DSC_0071 DSC_0065 DSC_0061

Making homemade ice cream with frozen strawberries, yogurt and honey. Apparently they liked it. IMG_3598

Spring Piano recital (told you this is not in any sort of order). Random and unorganized is the way we do things here.
IMG_3647 IMG_3650Cousin Alex preformed too!


Somehow Lucas found his way to the top of the counter and took a bite out of each of the fresh baked chocolate muffins. Of course a photo was taken before he was removed. Reminds me of the time Gus at this age took a bite out of each of the fresh baked cookiesIMG_3653

Fun at the park. Amelia loves to swing just as much as #2 & #3. 
IMG_4351 IMG_4361



Sorry. Last photos of our puzzle fun. But we do a lot of these around here.   IMG_4496



Fun at cousin Jackson and Jenni’s wedding!

With a whole lot of boy cousins. DSC_0082 DSC_0110

And one of the biggest dancers on the floor that nightDSC_0144

Joe Mauer I mean Gus Becker. This is right after he learned Joe Mauer used to be a catcher. He couldn’t believe it. Now he’s working on his catcher moves. This kid watches a billion You Tube videos of Joe Mauer playing baseball. Then he takes pictures of the videos with my phone to show his dad what he learned about Joe Mauer that day. When he finds something he loves he’s dedicated 100%. IMG_4522Stayed up way to late to watch the this Twin’s game until the end because his dad was at the game and he needed to talk to Mitch about all the plays when he got home. 

Teaching my kids to wipe off the finger prints they leave everywhere.  IMG_4550

And then the fun of summer was over. Tears. And we read this book the night before school. More tears. Which is a funny book because it ends with all the parents huddled at the classroom door crying and the students comforting them. Which is about right. 

The morning of the first day of school Mitch and Luke walked Gus to the bus stop. Even more tears.

IMG_4577And now a majority of my days are spent chasing these two. With a combination of wishing it would slow down and go faster at the same time.
IMG_4638 IMG_4649

Moving onto new adventures and the next phase.



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amelia mary :: baptism :: april 19th, 2015

Okay, so this one is really far behind. But something I should probably have archived in my family blog. So here it is. Five months later.

Amelia was baptized at Saint Peter’s Catholic Church in Delano on April 19th 2015.



With Godparents Jen and Brian Kalscheuer.


It was a special day for us and Amelia. I can hardly believe it was already five months ago.


Thanks to all who made this a special day for Amelia!

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amelia mary :: 7 months old

She is now at the age where time is going to fly by. I wish I could relish the infant months more than I do. I know I will look fondly back at those memories. But I won’t miss them as much. This is the age where things start to get really fun. DSC_0010

She’s a happy little one. One who is scooting and inching her way around all over the house. Hasn’t quite figured out the whole crawling coordination yet, but is painfully close.


She and Lucas are the best of friends (at least while she hasn’t gotten into his stuff yet). Lucas asks for ‘Wilwie’  or ‘Aweeya” the first thing after he wakes up every day. I keep having flash backs to the days August and Greta were this age.

I really wasn’t sure we’d ever get to the point where life felt normal again after she was born. But I think we are there. And I am grateful for this crazy life of six that completes our family.

Happy 7 months Amelia Mary! xoxo

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greta ann :: first day of pre-k :: 2015


Number two started her third year of preschool today! She woke up bright and early, put on those unicorn pants and was ready to go about an hour before we had to leave.


It’s pretty sweet and a little heart breaking at the same time, but this one is having a little bit of difficult time with the idea that Gus left for the big school and Kindergarten with out her. So getting her off to her own school is a good thing (I hope).


She was pretty excited to have the same teacher Gus had last year. But when I picked her up today she was less than thrilled with how “boring” her day was. So here’s to hoping her third year of preschool gets a little more challenging and she makes some great friends like she did last year.


When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up she replied “um, nothing”. But with a little coaching about the things she likes she excitedly decided she would like to ride horses in jumping races. Which I am assuming she means something like an equestrian.

Here’s to surviving another year of preschool drop offs and pick ups! My most favorite mom duty (not really).

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august john :: first day of kindergarten :: 2015



A quick parental selfie with the student before he left (and a little brother’s blond head).


He got on, or more like ran on, the bus this morning all by himself. He was so excited (and a little bit scared he said). My momma heart was exploding so Mitch and Lucas walked him to the bus stop (2 houses down) and I watched from the front steps.


I asked multiple people if it would seem a bit overbearing if I called the school just to make sure he got there. But I was assured they would call me if he didn’t show up. And he did it all without missing a beat.

Oh, and from all the posts I’ve been seeing on Facebook about first day of school posts, it seems you’re supposed to ask your kid what they want to be when they grow up on this day. So with that: Gus would like to be a Catcher or 1st Baseman for the MN Twins when he grows up. Shocking, I know. He’s worn that same Joe Mauer shirt he has on above about every other day since May and it HAD to be his first day of school shirt he says.

And just like that this is our new normal.

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august john :: growing up

Oiy. Be still my heart. It is bursting into a tiny million pieces at the moment.

We went to Kindergarten orientation with this dude yesterday.


He’s ready, nervous and excited. I’m nervous, excited and sad. All the feelings exploding at once. Me and all the other first time Kindergarten moms. I know I’m not the first to feel all these things.

I’ve been struggling with and exploring the idea of Homeschooling for a few years. I know many families that do Homeschool and I’m completely fascinated with the idea. It’s an exploding trend and I see and understand 100% the appeal to Homeschooling. I’ve seen some really successful adults emerge from a Homeschool education.

So many reasons hold me back from jumping in.

1) Is the social stigma around Homeschooling that intimidates me. I’m a sucker for what people think and how they judge.

2) Would I be helping or hurting my children in the process. This summer with all four on my own everyday was NOT easy. This mama needs a break sometimes.

3) Gus is a social creature. He’s shy but he loves his group of dudes he’s grown close to in preschool and sports. It would kill me to not send him to school with his best buds every day.

4) I’m not seeking it for religious reasons. I’m not a conservative religious person and I’m not seeking that kind of environment for my children. The reason the Catholic school in Delano wasn’t the choice for us. I’ve searched many Homeschooling Co-ops in the area and I haven’t found one that isn’t a strong conservative religion based group. I can’t even pretend I would fit in with something like that. And I can’t think we can jump into Homeschooling without a co-op. We need a community.

Anyway. After spending the morning at Kindergarten orientation my interest in Homeschooling peeked again. As they went through the curriculum they use and then jumped into their school lock down drills I thought “wait a minute”. I so don’t want my kids having to worry about lock downs during their reading lessons. I can teach that same curriculum at home myself with out all the distractions that school brings. School lock down drills are just one of the many reasons on my list why I would choose Homeschooling. But that one jumped out and hit hard yesterday.

I’m going to continue to struggle with my choice to Homeschool or not to Homeschool. A choice I’ll probably never actually make so I’m not even sure why I’m spilling all my thoughts out right now. I know most people cringe at the idea of Homeschooling. I don’t need a list of reasons why not to Homeschool. I already know all those reasons. Mitch reminds me daily, Ha!

I digress. Gus is going to Kindergarten in 10 days. He’s going to love it. And my heart is bursting with all the feelings.

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a becker summer :: 2015 :: part one

Catching up on some good ol’ summer fun photos between my real camera and mostly my iPhone camera. I know, I know, I’ve left you all hanging on what the Becker’s have been up to for the last three months – besides Amelia getting a month older every four weeks or so. So let me make it this easy for y’all and break this into a few posts while I completely overload your eyeballs with adorable pictures of my precious children (or children that made the last three months incredibly long. School starts in 12 days, right?)


Dancing in the rain … and the mud …IMG_3756

Anyone notice Greta’s wardrobe change in the middle of so called rain dance. Completely and totally necessary. Of course.IMG_3761IMG_3767

It was large city vehicle day in Buffalo. You better believe we were some of the first in line for this. It was all fun and games until Greta fell out of a large machine. Then it was time to go, mostly because of her blood piercing screams.

Gus the bus driverIMG_3785

And Lucas the bus rider who was completely fine and excited about that roleIMG_3788

That was until he got in the driver’s seat…IMG_3793 IMG_3796

Fanciest tractor driver you ever did see. For real. The fanciest. IMG_3799

Gus reminds everyone the importance of safety on a parked vehicle with no keys in sight. Buckle up!IMG_3802 IMG_3805

Greta more than enjoyed her role as a police officer with her brother in the back seat for a mere 60 seconds of bliss.IMG_3808

And Guster more than enjoyed his role as the dump truck driver. About right for those two I would say. IMG_3812

Sideways picture. annoying. sorry. But had to post … just because they are my babies.IMG_3813 IMG_3815

Ugh. Greta! What are you teaching him? Nothing is safe from destruction with this one. Nothing! But it’s a little funny. I mean why else did I snap a photo, right?IMG_3820

I kind of love this picture. So I post it on multiple sights. IMG_3825

Greta’s version of her flying balloon photo. Oh ho ho. No way was she going to use mom’s balloon drawing. No. Way. She drew her own and much better version I admit. And by the amount of foot prints, how many times do you think Lucas ran through while we were attempting this professional grade photo shoot which resulted in much not so pleasant yelling from older siblings that he was ruining it all. Beautiful memories we are making I tell you.

Grainy iPhone t-ball photo. This kid’s obsession with baseball grows stronger by the day. And holy cow, is that a mini Mitch or what? The looks and the baseball obsession. And the camouflage knee-high socks with his baseball uniform. Mini Mitch, right? And can I mention that his team name was the Blue Wahoo’s. I mean has there ever been a better team name than the Blue Wahoo’s. I think not. IMG_0001

IMG_3903 IMG_3842

Sleep over party in the top bunk. I’m a mom so I need to snap and share photos of my sleeping kids. Especially when they are sleeping together and seemingly liking each other. It’s basically cheesy mom protocol.  So totally  justified. 

Aaaaand the first tooth is lost! There was a lengthily conversation on how much money the tooth fairy leaves these days. Let’s just say Mitch lost.IMG_3848

Because sometimes I’m a desperate stay at home mom and I will try just about anything with my four kids to keep us entertained. So yes, I took all four kids to a movie … by myself … to the free Wednesday morning movies in Delano. Let’s just say we ONLY did this once. I’m not even sure they’d let us come back again. Greta had to wear her fancy plastic princess shoes to the movie – which she received multiple comments on. You’re only fueling her fire people!IMG_3882

Totally news worthy! One of my children is in the water. Of their own free will. And smiling. This was a rare occasion with my brood. We don’t do water.  IMG_3907

And even more news worthy … one of my children (the brave one obviously) is touching. a. dog!! Even more of a rare occasion in our family.


Can you find the Target Store in their city lay out. I mean it was one of the first things they added. Can’t build a city with out a Target. Oh wait, except we live in a city without a Target. My kids are way smarter than the Delano city planners. IMG_3922

Another successful summer of Sports Camp completed for this one. 3 hours a day for five days. He loved it just as much as last year. He’s so grown up now that he didn’t even cry on the last day because it was over like last year. More than necessary sadness, yes. But no tears for this big boy. IMG_3935

At the beach! But not in the water because as mentioned before we don’t do water. But we do snacks near the water! So good thing we went to the beach for that. IMG_3936

Ah man, that was a long hard walk. Wasn’t it guys?IMG_3940

One of many summer library days. I think one of my most favorite things in life is seeing my kids looking at books. IMG_3945 IMG_3950

And this summer the Becker’s totally got their inner nerd on and we got crazy about puzzles. IMG_3958


All right, all right. I realize that if I post one more picture of my kids building puzzles you’ll never read my blog again. Sorry, no Disneyland or Tropical Beach vacation to post about. Just puzzles on my dining room table. Because we are that exciting.

So with that … stay tuned for part two!!

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amelia mary :: 6 months

6 months old is my most favorite age of babies. And here is our Millie. 6 months old and growing and blooming at an ultra fast speed.


She has gone from being one of our hardest, fussiest infants to being the easiest, happiest and sweetest little 6 month old a person could ask for.

DSC_0181She brings so much joy and is so easy to love. It’s hard not to overload those smushy cheeks with kisses all day long.

DSC_0163She is rocking on her hands and knees almost all the time meaning crawling is in the near future for this one.

She’s at 78% for height, 88% for weight and 92% head circumference. About right on track for one of our babies.

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